WHAT Is MusicSynk?
MusicSynk is an innovative sync licensing platform that empowers premium content owners and music supervisors by creating a digital networked marketplace and exchange for deal transactions. MusicSynk addresses the inefficiencies, costs and complexities of securing synchronization licensing rights for tv, advertising, gaming, online, trailers, and film. It serves both the professionals who pay to license music and the artists who own the copyrights to the music.
Why Use MusicSynk?
MusicSynk is transitioning an offline approach to an online platform, resolving a previously fractured process by simplifying at every point. We've built a platform that can take the analog 40+ step process, which can take weeks to months, and collapsed it into hours/days while maintaining 100% copyright integrity and complete transparency. In other words, MusicSynk is a next generation licensing accelerator platform focused on copyright integrity, user transparency, and innovative features serving both rights holders and music supervisors.
Wh0 Is MusicSynk For?
MusicSynk serves both rights holders and music supervisors to discover, connect, and transact business in the only growing segment of today's music industry. Developed by a team with years of licensing, music, and technology experience that are passionate about helping evolve this industry with their knowledge. MusicSynk brings sync licensing into the 21st Century in a way that respects its partners and customers.